Ph.D. Students

  • Shabirahmed Badashasab Jigalur
  • Edet Bijoy Kumaradhas
  • Mohamed Omara
  • Debapratim Dhara (Dual Ph.D. program with IIT Kanpur)
  • Mohamed Faizal

M.S. Students

  • Ming-Lun Hsu
  • Yun-Che Michael Chung
  • Tsai-Yuan Charles Han
  • Hsin-Cheng Samuel Yen
  • Ting-An Wang
  • Yun-Kuan Chen
  • Yu-Hsun Chang
  • Tse Liang
  • Chia-Yun Chan
  • Yu-Ming Hsu
  • Chi-Chih Yeh
  • Sudhanshu Raj
  • Iqbal Fawwaz Ramadhan

Collaborators/Visiting Scholars

  • Prof. Mau-Chung Frank Chang, UCLA EE
  • Prof. Shiuh-hua Wood Chiang, BYU ECE
  • Prof. Chung-Tse Michael Wu, Rutgers ECE
  • Prof. Q. Jane Gu, UC Davis ECE
  • Prof. Hsiao-Chun Wu, LSU ECE
  • Prof. Scott C.-H. Huang, NTHU EE
  • Prof. Shih Yu Chang, SJSU Applied Data Science
  • Prof. A. R. Harish, IIT Kanpur EE
  • Dr. Yiwu Tang, UCLA EE, QUALCOMM
  • Dr. David del Rio, Ceit-IK4
  • Dr. Yong Qu, Texas Instruments

Administrative Assistant

  • Sylvia Su


  • Yu-Chi Nick Shih, M.S. graduated in 2024→SiPearl. Thesis – “Stereo Matching Acceleration via Sparsity Exploration and Its Hardware Implementation“.
  • Shivani Singh, M.S. graduated in 2024→Micron. Thesis – “EEG-Based Emotion Recognition Using Neural Network Inference“.
  • Shaswat Satapathy, M.S. graduated in 2024→Micron. Thesis – “A Low-Complexity Neural-Network-Based Digital Predistorter for Power Amplifier Linearization“.
  • Yen-Chieh Angelo Yu, M.S. graduated in 2024→Synopsys. Thesis – “A Low-Latency Hardware Accelerator for Contactless Vital Sign Detection“.
  • Chang-Ling Mick Tsai, M.S. graduated in 2023→MediaTek. Thesis – “An SVD-Based ECG Compression and Encryption Accelerator for Telemedicine Applications“.
  • Mallu Nagendra Reddy, M.S. graduated in 2022→ADLINK. Thesis – “Design and FPGA Implementation of a Convolutional Neural Network-Based Multi-Patient Behavior Detection Accelerator Using High-Level Synthesis“.
  • Eswar Reddy Regalla, M.S. graduated in 2022→AU Optronics. Thesis – “Design and Implementation of a Fast and Adaptive Empirical Mode Decomposition Accelerator for Multivariate Signal Analysis“.
  • Ching-Wen Chiang, Ph.D. graduated in 2022→ITRI. Dissertation – “Cost-Effective and EMI-Shielded Millimeter-Wave Antenna-in-Packages“.
  • Asish Kumar Agarwalla, M.S. graduated in 2021→MediaTek. Thesis – “Aperiodic Artifact Cancellation in a Closed-Loop Neural System“.
  • Chia-Jen (Kyle) Liang, Ph.D. graduated in 2021 (Co-Advised by Prof. Stella Kuei-Ann Wen)→MediaTek. Dissertation – “Design and Implementation of Critical Integrated Circuits for Single-Band and Multi-Band Millimeter-Wave Receivers“.
  • Yun-Hsuan (Jason) Chang, M.S. graduated in 2020→Airoha (MediaTek subsidiary). Thesis – “Millimeter-Wave Power Amplifier Digital Predistortion and Sub-Nyquist Sampling Digital Predistortion Investigation“.
  • Chao-Jen Tien, M.S. graduated in 2019 (Co-Advised by Prof. M.-C. Frank Chang)→MediaTek→UCLA ECE. Thesis – “Blind Frequency-Dependent I/Q Imbalance Compensator for Gigabit mmWave Communication Systems“.
  • Elaine Y.-N. Sun, Ph.D. NTHU (Collaborated in 2018-2020)→Huawei Technologies. Dissertation – “Software-Defined Information Fusion, Transmission, and Encryption“.
  • Asish Kumar Agarwalla, B.S., NIT Rourkela (interned in 2018)→NCTU SiPCAS Lab→MediaTek.
  • Rohit Kumar, Ph.D., IIIT Delhi (interned in 2018)→USC→Delhi Technological University, India (Assistant Professor).
  • Nikhil Gupta, B.S., IIT Ropar (interned in 2018)→Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).
  • Shaswat Satapathy, B.S., IIIT Bhubaneswar CE (interned in 2020)→NCTU SiPCAS Lab.
  • Shivani Singh, B.S., IIIT Bhubaneswar CE (interned in 2020)→NCTU SiPCAS Lab.